STRADA BIANCA, the Gravel tire designed to take you comfortably rolling over rough pavement, cobbles, sandy or hardpack fields, to literally floating over the more enduring dry, rocky terrains. This tire line-up includes sizes in 30mm, 33mm, 36mm and 40mm.

  • Handmade construction provides the ultimate in traction and ride quality.
  • CORAZZA ARMOR. This includes a full double ply 260TPI polyester casing that delivers maximum sidewall protection. While increasing sidewall durability CORAZZA ARMOR enhances stability by still retaining a very supple and comfortable ride. All for a great performing tire! As an additional touch, a bead-to-bead latex-based inner coating further improves puncture protection while greatly reducing air pressure dissipation.
  • PPS GANZO (Puncture Protection System). A highly flexible, tighter weave, multi-component puncture protection fabric placed between the tread and the casing. This PPS structure is lighter, more puncture resistant, and retains Challenge’s supple ride.
  • SMART PLUS compound. Gravel specific tread compounds for traction and durability. While providing reduced wear and enhanced durability, the SMARTplus rubber compound still retains all of the natural rubber properties; shock-absorption, better control and reduced rolling resistance, all coming in really handy when riding multiple rough terrains.
  • Chafer Bead Protection Strip. A bead protection strip to enhance longevity by reducing the effects of chafing or rubbing against the rim’s carbon bead hooks. The contrasting black chafer also acts as a precise line around the rim to confirm that the tire has obtained uniform bead seating all-around.
  • Bead-to-Bead latex-based coating. Lightweight TLR specific coating for improved puncture protection and better air retention.
  • Hookless Compatible. Handmade TLR tires sized above 33mm can be mounted on ISO/ETRTO compliant hookless clincher rims.

Please note!

Handmade TLR are best combined with an appropriately conceived sealant, such as the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless Sealant, which protects the natural properties of its rubber for a longer-lasting performing tire, while further enhancing air retention and puncture protection.

Strade Bianche is Italian for “White Roads” (#)

It is impossible to talk about the awesomeness of the Strada Bianca tire without mentioning the cycling event from which it was inspired, one of the most anticipated races of the year and the classic from the southernmost north of Europe, the Strade Bianche. This race has become one of the main stages of the UCI WorldTour calendar since 2017, and on March 5 of this year it returns to offer both professionals and amateurs that incredible experience throughout the beautiful landscapes of the region of Tuscany, Italy.

The unique terrain of this race is comprised of mostly unpaved sections, in fact this route includes 11 gravel sections, cobblestone paths, and a combination of uphill and downhill gradients along the course.

When it comes to tire construction/type, teams are more inclined to go for tubular tires, however many athletes are now switching to the tubeless ready option. One of the reasons is that when racing on an unpaved track there is a high chance of getting a flat, and the ability to match a tire setup with a sealant is one way to combat punctures when they do occur without stopping riding. On the other hand, there are those who prefer the tubular's ability to absorb vibrations, and therefore avoid punctures.