What does "handmade" mean? We often hear the word "handmade" and know that it refers to quality, but how can a handmade product be qualitatively better?

Handmade product, manufactured using traditional artisanal methods, creates a one-of-a-kind tire that offers athletes the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and grip. Unlike the more common construction through industrial vulcanization of nylon together with synthetic rubber, Challenge handmade Tires are developed, first by creating a very soft carcass with the use of high quality materials (silk, cotton or polyester) on which it is subsequently placed a strip of natural rubber.

To better contrast the concepts, vulcanization is a highly industrialized process that requires huge machinery and minimal use of labor. The handmade process, however, is exactly the opposite, the machinery is not relevant but rather the artisan’s competencies. The industrial part is complementary to the artisan, without replacing him. It is a completely different procedure in which importance is given to the quality of the different components used and the absence of vulcanization or heat treatment. Here we are talking about natural glues, latex, cotton, silk and natural rubber. The final goal is to obtain a tire that is flexible and comfortable and at the same time resistant and high performing.

Challenge Tires is committed to innovation and to providing the best riding experience, offering premium handmade products across multiple disciplines, including Road, Gravel and Cyclocross. An example of this is the recently launched GRAVINE tire, which completes the range of gravel designs by featuring an aggressive tread for more demanding trails in both, muddy and rocky dirt conditions. The new Gravine is available in two versions PRO and XP, both in 40mm.

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Indulge in the pinnacle of tire craftsmanship with our wide offerings, meticulously handmade to deliver unparalleled performance. Each tire is an exemplification of precision, innovation and the selection of premium materials, ensuring unrivaled grip, exceptional durability, and precise control across diverse terrains. The inherent suppleness of handmade tires also enhances comfort. By contouring to the terrain, these tires mitigate vibrations and shocks, providing a smoother, more enjoyable ride. This flexibility also helps to maximize grip and stability.

Handmade tires stand as the preferred choice among professional athletes who relentlessly pursue excellence, seeking nothing less than the utmost quality to go beyond their limits. With Challenge Tires, experience superior performance, ensuring each ride is characterized by both, performance and unwavering reliability.