At the European Cyclocross Championships, several cyclists won in an exciting demonstration of athleticism and perseverance, displaying their amazing talents and endurance, for a total of 3 medals:

Jente Michels (Men U23) - 1st Place

Cameron Mason (Men Elite) - 2nd Place

Célia Gery (Women Jr) - 1st Place

The situation was no different on the other side of the Atlantic in the Pan American Cyclocross Championships. Challenge riders exceeded their limits and achieved remarkable wins (7 medals in total):

Isabella Holmgren (Women Elite) - 1st Place

Clara Honsinger (Women Elite) - 2nd Place

Clouse Katie (Women Elite) - 3rd Place

Ian Ackert (Men U23) - 1st Place

Jules Van Kempen (Men U23) - 3rd Place

Lauren Zoerner (Women U23) - 1st Place

Ava Holmgren (Women U23) - 2nd Place