Zsombor Asia

Deak Zsombor

"Hi, I'm Deak Zsombor and I am a professional long distance triathlete training, racing and living in Europe, Asia and Australia. I enjoy exotic half and full ironman races. Pushing my limits and healthy living are my main goals. It is very important for me to train and race with high quality products. Tires are my connection to the ground, I can win or lose a race with them."

Record is my favorite tire (#)

"The great quality can be recognised immediately after touching and looking at Record tires. When using them, there are two factors that differentiate them from regular tires. One is that they make you feel stable on the road and the other is that they are super fast. Many tubular tires lose a lot of air within a few hours of riding. In contrast, Record tires lose very little pressure even after a day. Good performance and safety. That's what Record tires provide."