Some riders were missing from the event who raced in Reno in the UCI C1 event on Wednesday night. Linked to Interbike, the race takes place at night and once again attracted some big name. The Women’s race was won by Maghalie Rochette on Challenge Chicane. “I was pretty excited to the win at this first edition of RenoCross. I just had a smooth ride and was able to stay calm”.

Sunday was the main event of the week, the World Cup and as always it was the seasons first who’s who of CX. In the men’s race strong performances from Eli Iserbyt and Michael Boros gave them top 10 finishes. In the Women’s event it was Ellen Noble who took the race on with Marianne Vos. Eventually finishing 2nd after a great battle, Ellen lead a Trek & Challenge Tires 2nd, 4th, 6th in the event. Evie Richards in 4th was the leading u23 in the race.

The next events are this weekend, in Iowa City with three races back to back starting Friday night.