Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse. The Rasputitsa is a psychotic 40 mile, insane, drop to your knees and cry sufferfest with an absurd section so difficult that people won't believe your stories called Cyberia.

If you’ve been considering a gravel event to try out, this could be the one for you. With its 3 C’s as it’s guiding idea (Cycling, Community and Charity) it has one of the best atmospheres you could imagine. Despite the weather the 2019 edition was no different. You can hear from one of the event founders here:

The event was fairly epic, lots of money raised for charity and a Magdeleine took the win, ahead of Maghalie Rochette and Alison Tetrick, Magdeleine. Following the Magdeleine commented “The 2019 Rasputitsa was a really hard and fun race; it even rained and snowed. The road had some more deep gravel and more technical section so with the gravel grinder 33mm handmade clincher, it was fast when it needed to be and I had lots of grip in the more deep gravel and more technical section.