Hookless Compatible TLR in 25 and 27mm (#)

Since the beginning Challenge’s premise has been to develop bicycle tires that can deliver a premium experience to cycling enthusiasts, amateurs and professional athletes alike. Being an innovative force in the market, Challenge offers a wide range of high-end handmade performance tires, in different disciplines including but not limited to Cyclocross, Gravel, and Road that have created a legacy of champions and utmost customer satisfaction.

Today Challenge is reshaping the road experience by introducing its brand new entry Criterium RS. This new road tire aims to enhance the perfect mix of speed, grip and durability with at the same time providing refined control and shock absorption capabilities thanks to its handmade construction. The Criterium RS comes in a 350tpi Corespun Cotton casing in Tubeless Ready and Tubular options that optimize weight, comfort and, with the new SMART PRIME compound, it becomes one of the lowest rolling resistance tires in the market.

SMART PRIME Compound ! (#)

Compounds play an important role in tire performance and Challenge has been dedicating resources and time to the development of new generation of compounds. Two years ago, Challenge already unveiled the SMART PLUS gravel specific compound, giving adventurers a taste of how innovation can improve their entire riding experience, in this case by increasing tire durability. This year with SMART PRIME, Challenge evolved to another level the conventional mixing of chemical elements and natural rubber with its proprietary formula, with the goal of enhancing benefits further; speed, grip and puncture resistance (shown up by 50% when compared to other tires in the market). This new compound consistently increases grip in both dry and wet conditions, significantly reduces rolling resistance, and it is flexible and shock-absorbing at the same time, bringing the overall tire performance also to new safety levels achieved. SMART PRIME compound stands out where other materials fail, having the capability of keeping its properties intact under great stress. SMART PRIME undoubtedly makes the Criterium RS into a great World Tour Ultimate Performance Level tire choice!

Puncture Protection System – PPSGANZO! (#)

The Criterium RS comes with highly flexible, tight weave, multi-component puncture protection fabric placed between the tread and the casing. PPSGANZO is light, more puncture resistant, and retains Challenge’s supple ride.

Chafer Bead Protection Strip ! (#)

The Criterium RS includes a bead protection strip to enhance longevity by reducing the effects of chafing or rubbing against the rim’s carbon bead hooks. The contrasting black chafer also acts as a precise line around the rim to help the user confirm that the tire bead has uniformly been seated all-around.

ZYLON Bead ! (#)

The new Criterium RS Handmade TLR is also equipped with new reinforced Zylon beads which have much improved load capacity and will not stretch!

Hookless Compatible ! (#)

Criterium RS can be considered suitable for hookless wheels. Challenge tires are compliant with existing ETRTO and ISO standard to be aligned with market demands and rider safety.

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