Hoogerheide - Grifo, Baby or Chicane?

It’s Hoogerheide, the last stage of the CX World Cup 2019-2020. The dry conditions this year gave the opportunity to have a fast race where was difficult to create gaps and a lot of the races ended with battle until the last curve.

Which tires did the athletes choose for the race? (#)

  • 60% Grifo
  • 30% Chicane
  • A couple Baby Limus lovers like KFC

The dry conditions of the terrain and continuous curves gave the Chicane tread the possibility to make the difference. Fast and smooth in the central part, let the riders have speed into the straights and the side knobs let them have some fun on the corners. Chicane was the choice for the English Evie Richards (5th place in the Woman elite race) and Tom Pidcock (7th Elite man)

All the other Challenge racers chose the all-round Grifo tread that is extremely adaptable to a lot of CX conditions.

Thibau Nys built his main seasonal successes with the Grifo but the 3rd position in the Junior race kept him from making the “World Cup Grand Slam” by winning all six World Cup stages. Too bad! No worries Thibau! Great job winner 6 or 7 CX World Cups and the overall Junior classification.

It’s always a pleasure to see Katie Compton fight for victory with her lovely Baby Limus in red special edition!!! … How do you like ‘em?

All pictures credit to: tfoto/Wouter Toelen

60% Grifo30% ChicaneA couple Baby Limus lovers like KFC